Maaannnn…Fuck social media.

No for real, fuck that shit.

Every year, I take a much needed, month-long hiatus from social media and return in the new year with the same anticipation that can only be matched by that of an “Insecure” season premier. Surely THIS TIME I will find originality, inspiration, some really artistic content, something worth scrolling for. But sadly, each year I am left disappointed and unsatisfied as I inevitably come to the same realization time and again: Here we are in this the year of our Lord two thousand & eighteen, and


What are you gonna do?

This is mainly for the Kanye line…

Ahhhh auditions. We all know how they go. Last Tuesday, however, someone held a..Not..audition. Okay, I know that doesn’t make sense, but it was a good thing, I promise! I’ll explain later…

I often times have to remind myself there was a lot I was exposed to at a young age that many just weren’t. That, coupled with the fact that (once again) common sense is not common, usually helps me be silent when I come across anything that makes no sense to me. While silence can sometimes be a negative way of dealing with certain situations, I find that…

I’m sitting in the car, on my way back to New York after a much needed mental break, looking for the best way to get back into the swing of things. this trip wasn’t really about me. It was my sister’s college graduation this past weekend so technically that’s the reason I came to visit my parents in North Carolina.

But lately, I’ve been needing every excuse to escape from adulting.

“True Life: I Don’t Want to Adult Anymore. “

Don’t get me wrong, there is actually NOTHING in my life worth complaining about. Aside from the hardships that any regular person can face, I am still able…

On Pointe

Unless you’ve been living in solitude for the past year and a half, you know exactly who Misty Copeland is (and you don’t even have to be a dancer). I’ll spare you the details of her up-and-coming to stardom, as this is a story we’ve all heard already. Instead, I want to point to something people don’t want to talk about…

The Thing You’re Not Supposed to Say

Misty Copeland is a black woman (duh). I know this probably seems very obvious, but dance has a way of making people forget little things like skin color, and white privelage. It’s part of the magic. To say that…

Are you as passionate about dance as you think?

I hear it all the time:

“I’ve been dancing since I was 3 years old, this is all I know and love, and I will do it for the rest of my life if I can!”

There are many dancers I’ve personally been inspired by, and hope to one day match their talents and skills. Dancers and non-dancers alike look up to them and wonder what exactly makes them tick. I often wonder this myself, specifically about what it is that drives them to be so great. Is it hard work? Luck? I imagine it’s a combination of both. …

It’s 2015, and by now everyone in the world knows how to hashtag. Not even most grandparents call it a number sign anymore. It’s pretty amazing how quickly something will catch on, and spread clear across the planet. A trend by definition: A general direction in which something is developing or changing, or even simpler, something gets everyone’s attention very quickly, but usually for a very short time (You know, kind of like most men).

On Wednesdays, we wear Pink

Dance, of course, falls victim to the trending-trend by way of new dance craze. Anyone that knows the Gangnam Style dance, knows exactly what…

The story is always the same:

-Young person begins new job or career; must prove his/her self

-Young person becomes good at job; hopes to gain recognition

-Young person is stagnant for a few years; no promotion

-Young person remains stagnant, or finally leaves; finds new job.

Rinse, Repeat

For dancers, this can unfortunately be the norm: you train hard, you audition, you post videos, you try and get noticed in class, you may book a job or two, but for the most part this cycle becomes your life until you catch a big break, or you give up. Beside the fact…

Circa “Oh hell nah..”

“This is Hip-hop?”

I believe I watched the above video a total of ten times.

The first time I can't even really count. I think I was in a state of shock and my brain couldn't process what it had witnessed. The second time, I’ll be honest, I found it really amusing. It was hard NOT to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. As I watched it over and over again however, I began to get increasingly frustrated. There was just so much wrong, and I didn't know what to be upset about first.

Consumerism and You

America is a consumerist…

Agencies are a go-to for most entertainers. While they don’t guarantee work, the exposure to casting calls and auditions they provide give you a better chance to be booked, so it’s a very sought after method for finding industry jobs. You can submit to agencies directly, or sometimes they have open-call auditions to scout new talent.

Recently, Clear Talent Group had such an audition, and it was one I had not initially planned on attending. Since I lacked much audition experience and had just started a new project (details to follow!), …

OK so, probably not the title some of you expected. Let me explain…

“I just MOVE.”

Conversations about moving towards social & economic change within the dance and entertainment industries.

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